Business Law

Anthony A. Coletti can handle all aspects of business law from corporation formation and representations to business contracts.

Business Law services include:

Corporation Formation and Representation
If you think it’s time to form a corporation, then give us a call. There are many items required before filing for a corporation, and we can help you through the process by creating the legal documents for you and offering you the guidance needed to form the right corporation for your business.

We can set up the any contracts for your company or review any agreements or paperwork you need to sign. It is always important to have an attorney go over important documents before you agree to anything.

Business Litigation
When parties to a business agreement have a dispute, it is a good idea to have strong legal representation.  We can provide that type of representation.  We know that litigation is expensive so we are experienced in resolving disputes favorably and without litigation.  However, we can’t resolve your case amicably, we have two decades of litigation experience to fall back upon to guide you through the legal process.

Employment Law
Employment law generally has to do with an employer and employee relationship. It involves labor law and many state and federal laws. We cover all aspects of employment law.

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